Why Use Our Services?

Private tours

Your guide is always available to you and only you. You do not compete for the attention of a guide among a group of strangers. You set the pace, so your tour is never too slow or too fast. All our staff are helpful, courteous and very personable.

Tailor-made travel

We work together with you prior to your arrival to ensure that you get the staffing and arrangements that are exactly matched to your expectations. When you arrive in Ghana, we are at the airport or harbor waiting. You can also request a pick-up at your convenience.

Any size / Any needs

Our specialists can arrange a Ghana experience for 1 to 100 people. Whether a single business traveler needing a reliable car and driver, a couple on an extended cultural tour, or an organization needing group arrangements, we have an answer for you. Our available sedans, 4X4's, minibuses and coach buses provide comfort. Our professional staff can handle all arrangements.

Depth of knowledge

We are experts on Ghana and keep focused on our area of expertise. We do not offer tours to every destination in Africa. We do not subcontract our tours to other operators.

Corporate Responsibility

We are proud to pay SSNIT (social security), P.A.Y.E (income taxes), NHIS (national health insurance) and dental care for our employees. We file corporate tax returns with the IRS in Ghana. Employees receive salaries when working on approved community development projects. We strongly feel that it is our responsibility to help build a better Ghana. Please verify that other tour operators do the same.

Experience African culture

Who can better show you the country than a local? Recommending food you will enjoy. Explaining the symbols and rituals you will see. Interpreting the language. You are guaranteed to experience more of life here than you could without a guide. For example, you may find this statue to the right interesting, but your guide will explain how this is a reminder of the dangers of vanity.

Be Safe with our certified guides

You are in good hands. Put to rest the million questions you are asking yourself. Ghana is a very friendly and hospitable country. Our certified guides will quickly have you relaxed and enjoying the life in Ghana.

All money stays in Ghana

We try to always use Ghana owned-and-operated hotels and restaurants to 'Keep It in Ghana'. We give you the option to pay for tours online for your convenience and protection, but be assured that your money goes to Ghana and directly supports families in Ghana. Our 'One Extra Bag' program is one fun way to directly contribute.

Avoid the obruni tax

"Obruni" is the Twi word for a non-African person. We know how to negotiate and will get you good prices at all times, saving you a lot. Otherwise you would be paying the 'Obruni tax' on everything, sometimes a significant amount. This alone can pay for the cost of your guide.

Get the photos you want

All guides are familiar with point-and-shoot digital cameras and can take photos without causing a disturbance or fees being requested. Ensure that you are in the photos you return home with.

Listen to what others say

Read the reviews we have receied at Trip Advisor.

Or spend a few minutes on an Easy Track tour with one of our previous guests...

Use our Tour Planner to start planning your tour today.

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