Responsible Travel

Are you the type of traveler that is concerned about:
      The environment?        Poverty?        Local people and cultures?        Who profits?

These are things that concern us as well. Easy Track Ghana is aware of our many responsibilities.

We are responsible to You

  • You are treated as an individual with respect.
  • You get a personalized experience at a fair price.
  • Your comfort, enjoyment and well-being are our highest concerns.
  • Your driver is safe and experienced.
  • Your guide will ensure you get a fair price when making purchases.

Tourism is one of the largest segments of the Ghanaian economy. We know very well that we must use this position to ensure we preserve our culture and scenic beauty while lifting those in poverty to a better life. Your positive experience will ensure others want to see Ghana.

We are responsible to our Employees

  • We are Ghana owned, operated and managed. We pay our staff a fair wage, and our non-Ghanaian co-founder Steve takes no salary when not in Ghana.
  • We pay SSNIT (Ghana Social Security) for our salary staff.
  • We pay NHIS (National Health Insurance Scheme) premiums for all staff and immediate family.
  • We provide basic dental care for all staff.
  • We pay for staff training, perform in-house workshops, and make training mandatory.
  • We empower our staff to actively participate in the development and management of our business.

We are responsible to the Community

We are responsible to Local Cultures

  • Respect for local cultures by following tradition. Some places we take you:
    * may not allow photographs
    * may require you change your clothing
    * may recognize gods that you do not 
    * may practice animal sacrifice
  • We have Rules for Visitors to help provide guidance.
  • We ensure that proper respect is shown at visited sites.
  • We do not permit religious, political or cultural views be preached.

We are responsible to the Environment

  • We carry away all that we carry in to a location.
  • We do not run print advertisements.
  • We use air conditioning as-needed in our office.
  • All appliances are unplugged at night.
  • We do not litter.
  • We do not mark or disfigure the surroundings.

We are responsible to Ghana

"Keep it in Ghana"

Economic impact studies consistently find a high level of "leakage" of initial tourist spending, with much of it leaving the host country to pay for profits on investments by transnational hotel chains and tour operators, and for imported goods and services used in the tourism industry. The World Bank estimates this leakage to be nearly 75% of what travelers spend for travel to a developing economy. This leakage may be so significant that it partially neutralizes the money generated by tourism.

Easy Track Ghana believes this practice is wrong for a developing economy. Our pledge of responsibility is a promise to you that we "Keep It In Ghana".

  • We use local businesses when possible, even if it costs more.
  • We use Ghanaian-owned and operated hotels and resorts. We only use non-Ghanaian hotels or resorts upon special request.
  • We patronize eating establishments that provide safe, locally grown food and beverages.
  • We do not pay any salary to any person residing outside of Ghana.
  • We do not sell our tours via Online Travel Agents (OTAs) like Viator, Tour Radar, Expedia, etc. OTA's demand commissions of between 15% and 30% of the total tour cost. This is money that never enters Ghana!

Use our Tour Planner to start planning your travels in Ghana today.

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