Cultural Overview of Ghana

Rules for Visitors

We are here to ensure you have a great time while visiting Ghana. For this to best occur, we ask that you follow some simple rules.

Cultural Etiquette

Gain some cultural insight to help you move more smoothly in Ghana.

Language Videos

Videos of simple phrases in some of the main languages.

Music, Dance, and Ceremony

Music, dance and ceremony are a huge part of the Ghana culture.

Festivals of Ghana

Festivals and celebrations occur throughout the year.

Eat and Drink

How to find food and beverages in Ghana, as well as some tasty suggestions.

Crafts and Curios

Here is a description of some of the unique items you may wish to bring home from Ghana.

Paying for Things

Learn the currency and how to make purchases. This is especially useful if you are not accustomed to bargaining when shopping.

Basic Statistics

Facts and information about Ghana's people, geography and economy.

Travel Information

Basic information for travelers planning a trip to Ghana.

Let us know if you have any comments or additions to this information.

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