How to Travel with Easy Track Ghana

Plan Your Trip

Confirm Booking

  • Approve your tour plan after we create a plan for the dates and destinations you want.
  • Review the Terms and Conditions.
  • Confirm your booking
  • Booking is confirmed and reserved only after receipt of deposit.

Make Payments

  • Wire transfer to Ghana bank account.
  • Google Wallet, Gmail payment, Cash Square, Venmo, or deposit to USA bank for $12 per booking plus fees from the utilized service.
  • PayPal attracts an aditional 3% to your tour cost.
  • Visa or Master Card debit or credit card processed in our office in Ghana for any or all of the balance due after your booking deposit. A 2.5% fee is assessed.
  • Cash in Ghana for any or all of the balance due after your booking deposit.
    • Credit cards must be processed in our office in Ghana, not on the phone or via email. You must notify your issuing bank that you will be using your card in Ghana.
    • PayPal cannot be accessed from inside Ghana.

Payment Terms

  • After booking, 50% is to be paid 21 days in advance of the start of your tour.
  • The final balance is due prior to travel.
  • Day trips & Overnight trips booked within 7 days may be paid in cash with a confirmed local contact or via a credit card processed at our office.

Before Arriving in Ghana

  • Obtain your visa for travel to Ghana.
  • Receive a required yellow fever vaccination and bring proof of such vaccination.
  • Purchase travel insurance of the desired coverage.
  • Review our Rules for Visitors for important tips on how to best interact with Ghanaians.
  • A more detailed description of our culture is available at our Cultural Overview page.

Arrival at Kotoka International Airport

  • Your vaccination card will be examined prior to your queueing at Immigration upon arrival in Ghana. If you do not have a current yellow fever vaccination, you will be detained.
  • Queue at Immigration to have your passport with an entry visa for Ghana examined.
  • Queue in some chaos at the baggage claim carousel. Wheel carts are free, but baggage handlers that assist you will expect a tip.
  • Queue at the Customs checkpoint to have your luggage examined. There may possibly be a second inspection.
  • Exit the Customs area, down the ramp, and have your baggage claim tags examined.
  • Exit the airport Arrivals hall. Total time elapsed after your flight lands can be up to 90 minutes.
  • Outside to the left, there is a foreign exchange booth. They have a decent rate, so it can make sense to change enough to get through a few days while you are waiting for your luggage - especially if you are immediately departing Accra or arrive on the weekend.
  • For Accra airport pick-ups, your guide will be waiting for you outside the airport, just as you exit the Arrivals hall. He or she will be easy to see in their bright Kente shirt, holding an Easy Track Ghana sign.

Your Travels

During your time traveling together your guide is available to you 24 hours a day. However, due to the increase in road accidents after dark, we generally do not drive outside of urban areas after sunset, which occurs at 6:00 PM every night here on the equator.

Because your adventure never stops, your guide is always on call. Let your guide know of anything you need. Do not hesitate to be direct, but always be polite. Because our guides are so attentive, you may need to inform your guide when you wish time alone.

Money in Ghana

  • Ghana is a cash economy. Unless you are at an upscale hotel or restaurant, credit and debit cards are useless except at ATMs. Easy Track Ghana is only able to process credit or debit cards in our office Ghana.
  • You will not be able to make payments via PayPal from within Ghana. PayPal will immediately freeze your account if you attempt to use it while in Ghana.
  • You will find ATMs easily in cities in Ghana. You should feel free to carry cash. Ghana is a safe place. Just do not flaunt it about.
  • Notify the issuers of any debit or credit card that you plan to bring. If they are not aware of your time in Ghana, their fraud detection software will decline any requests for money from within Ghana. Call the phone number on the back of the card and let them know you will be traveling to Ghana. They could also inform you of any charges that would be associated with taking cash in cedis.
  • Read more about Paying for Things.

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