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Ghana offers many different types of recreational sporting activities. Just realize that any physical activity will sap your strength quickly in the tropical heat unless you are accustomed to the climate.

Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana

This is THE SPORT of Ghana. Everywhere you will see football. Ghana's superb performance at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa resulted in Ghana being the first team from Africa to ever make it to the semi-finals at World Cup competition. Enjoy watching the Black Stars or the Black Queens at the Accra Sports Stadium. Our national men's and women's teams are widely admired and everyone knows the roster of players.

At a more casual level, you should feel free to watch or join any local match that you see being played while on your journey.

Summit of Mt Afadjato in Ghana

bike riding

There are many exceptional hiking trails available in Ghana that show the natural beauty and scenery of our country. Hiking activities can range from very easy (short, little or no elevation change) to strenuous (significant elevation gain, use of hands for balancing).

Some of the easy hikes would be along beaches or through forests. The hike to Wli Falls is exceptionally beautiful forest hike, crossing the feeder streams a number of times.

The next level of difficulty would be hiking among sacred rock formations at Tano Sacred Grove, Tongo or Bongo in the north or to the magnificent views provided at Umbrella Rock or Lookout Rock. Closer to Accra are highlands that include the Atewa plateau and the Kwahu plateau.

Finally, for the adventurous, there is the strenuous hike to the summit of Mt. Afadjato, which at 850 metres is Ghana's highest peak.

There are bike rental locations at a number of locations in Ghana where you can enjoy biking trails in natural scenery. These include trails at Aburi, some areas along the western coast, guided rides around Kokrobite to the monkey forest, and the amazingly smooth riding bamboo bikes at Abompe.

Easy Track has mountain bikes that are available for rent or carrying on your tour if space permits.

Rented motorboat on the Volta River

Swimming pool

Sea bike at Ghana beach

Ghana has some great beaches for swimming while others are dangerous due to strong rip tides or unclean water. Always ensure that you inquire locally.

There are also some very good surfing beaches, with areas that will provide enjoyment for beginners and experts alike. As such, the surfing scene in Ghana is growing. The long-established Black Star Surf Shop in Busua is our most renowned surf shop, while Mr. Bright's is at Kokrobite, just outside of Accra.

Pools are widely available at hotels throughout Ghana and most will easily let you purchase a day pass for using the facilities. Not all are nicely maintained, so be certain you are using a reputable swimming pool.

Jet skis and motorboats are also available for rent at various places along the Volta River and the coast. Be certain that any body of water you enter is clean and free of parasites.

Understand that many beaches in Ghana are places of work, bathing or toilet. You are always welcome to socialize with fishermen at the beach, but do not interrupt their work too much unless you intend to offer some manual help or give them a small tip. Do not take pictures without asking. Always show respect for those who are attending to private matters. And always watch your step at non-maintained beaches!

Canoe ride on the Volta River

By taking a canoe ride with a local, you may enjoy a relaxing recreational activity with a strong cultural element. At most rivers, wetlands and lagoons this is possible, allowing you to see nature up close and enjoy the serenity of cruising along the water with your host.

At Lake Bosumtwi, Africa's largest meteorite impact lake, the lake is sacred and no canoes are permitted, so locals use a padua, a large flat board, and paddle by hand. A padua ride requires some ability to balance well, but fortunately this lake is safe for swimming in case you end up in the water. There is also a small beach at one of the local resorts on the lake.

Pulling the fishing nets in Ghana

This can take a lot of forms in Ghana, from a free experience at helping to pull the fishing nets at a beach, to some basic rod-and-reel fishing from the shore along a river, to the ultimate full day deepwater fishing excursions for a serious price tag.

Achimota golf course

Ghana currently has 15 golf courses available, with six of these being 18-hole courses and the remaining nine being 9-hole courses. These include the Achimota Golf Club in the back yard of the Easy Track area. Achimota is widely regarded as the best 18 holes in Ghana, but there are a number of other venues, including courses in Tema, Kumasi, Elmina, Winneba, Takoradi and a number of the gold mining towns. At most courses you can be escorted by a local "professional" for a friendly game together.

Horseback in Ghana

There are horseback trails at Lake Bosumtwi as well as at a number of other locations in Ghana.

The Accra Polo Club also awaits you. Be pampered. Enjoy a match. Play in a match yourself.

Domama Rock Shrine

There are many amazing rock formations in Ghana. Some are inviting to adventurous souls, and there are also many that can be enjoyed by serious climbers. Three warnings however:

1) The heat will sap your strength quickly.

2) Many formations are sacred sites, so always seek permission.

3) Medical facilities may be hours away in the event of an accident, and could only provide minimal care.

Paragliding from the Kwahu plateau in Ghana

The Kwahu plateau is host to a Paragliding Festival at Easter each year. This is an exciting and unique event that attracts visitors from around the world, so be sure to book well in advance if you wish to attend.

You can strap onto a glider with an expert pilot and gracefully fly over the escarpment for an amazing bird's-eye view that you will never forget!

Young boxer in Ghana

With a number of Olympic boxers hailing from Ghana, boxing is indeed a popular sport, especially in the areas of Jamestown and Ussher Town in Accra. This sport was introduced in the 1950's and was quickly integrated into the already popular Ga sport of "asafo atwele", a group fighting sport.

While you may not have any desire to get into the ring with a Ghanaian bruiser, we could escort you to one or more of the estimated 50 different boxing clubs in Ghana, including the famous Bokum Boxing Club in Accra. An easy sparring partner could be found, and all would be eager to learn any technique you may have, but most would be more interested in finding a sponsor.

Home made gyms are common in Ghana

Bodybuilding is a popular activity in Ghana. There are gyms all over Ghana, with many in urban areas of the class and standard that you are accustomed. Many more exist as home-made gyms with perhaps a couple pieces of modern equipment perhaps scattered about. This would describe the Powerhouse Gym, created and managed by Easy Track's co-founder, Jessie Aboagye.

More well equipped facilities can be found at various upscale hotels as well as some modern gyms in Accra. We can especially recommend the NT Powerhouse in La (not affiliated with the Powerhouse).

Bodybuilding competitions are held throughout the year, including the yearly Man Ghana competition.

The Black Stars, Ghana's national team

Oh yes, did we mention

Football !!!

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