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Helpful information about electrical, cellular and wireless networks in Ghana.

Phone Networks in Ghana

All phone numbers in Ghana start with a leading zero (0). When calling from abroad, use the country code 233, and drop the leading zero. For example, the phone number for Easy Track Ghana is
027 665 7036 when in Ghana and
+233 27 665 7036 from outside Ghana.

Vodafone (formerly Ghana Telcom) operates land lines, but these are mostly used by businesses. A phone number that is 9 digits is a land line. Cellular phone numbers are 10 digits in length.

If you travel with an unlocked GSM cellular phone, you will be able to easily obtain a SIM card for a local network in Ghana. This is much cheaper than roaming on your own network.

These are the current cellular networks operating in Ghana:


Be advised that cellular phone service can be a major irritant in Ghana. Calls are frequently dropped. Outside of major towns there may be difficulty obtaining a signal at all.

Keeping credits in your phone and keeping your phone charged are other challenges. Cellular phones use pre-paid credits which can be purchased at kiosks everywhere. Note that not every kiosk will sell credits for all networks, so sometimes you need to search for a kiosk that is selling credits for the network that you are using.

Keeping your phone charged is a matter of plugging into a working electrical outlet. When traveling to remote areas, we recommend a solar charger to keep your phone charged. This does not guarantee that you will get coverage in remote areas, but at least your phone will be charged.

Important Numbers

 Police 191
 Fire 192
 Ambulance 193

Computer Usage & Wireless in Ghana

There are Internet cafes all over Ghana, so consider leaving your laptop at home.

Your laptop computer will work here. Each of the cellular networks has a wireless internet service available. These services differ greatly, so be sure to go with the correct network for the service you desire before purchasing a wireless modem.

Tigo has a good service giving unlimited internet access for about $40 per month, while MTN has a limited service for $20 per month. At the other end of the service spectrum is Expresso, which charges by the minute for a much faster speed at a greater cost.

Outside of major towns and away from the coastal areas, these wireless modems may have difficulty obtaining a signal. You should go with the service that gives the best coverage in the area where you anticipate the most usage.

Due to dust, humidity, temperature and frequent power outages, great care should be taken when traveling with your laptop. Make sure your laptop is unplugged when there is a power outage. The surge when the power returns may damage your equipment.

Electrical Appliances in Ghana

The electrical current is 200/220 volts 50hz. Three prong UK style plugs are standard, but some places use the rounded two prong European style plug, which usually will fit into a 3 prong outlet.

If bringing 110/120 volt appliances (typically from North America), you will need a converter or a step-down transformer. Some appliances, such as laptops, only require a plug adapter because they have a built-in or manual switch to accept either current. To see if your appliance is dual voltage, look on the power box or plug to see if it reads 110 volts or if there is a range of 110-220v.

Be advised that there are frequent power outages. Carry a surge protector or make sure important appliances are unplugged when there is a power outage. The surge when the power returns may damage your equipment.

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