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Air Service in Ghana

All international flights land at Kotoka International Airport in Accra (ACC). All major international carriers have service to Ghana at least once per week.

Domestic flights from Accra serve Kumasi, Tamale, Takoradi and Sunyani, but charter services are available to many other locations.

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Airfare to Ghana

Shopping for airfare online is easy. One convenient consolidator for international flights is Vayama. Flights booked via this site are reliable and inexpensive. However they may not be best from your area, so use the prices obtained from Vayama as a baseline for comparing prices from other sites as well as with the airline directly.

Another excellent site is Yapta, where you can set fare alerts if your travel dates can be flexible. Easy Track Ghana is always happy to work with your flexible schedules.

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During your Flight to Ghana

Be well rested for your flight. Wear loose comfortable clothing. Bring some chewing gum or something to chew during takeoff and landing to help your ears when the plane is pressurizing. Exercise before and during flight (flexing your muscles while in your seat is one example). Drink plenty of fluids, but not coffee, tea or alcohol.

Everyone has their own remedy for jet lag, and I am no exception. My personal favorite is 'No Jet Lag' tablets, available in travel shops worldwide. Endorsed by the New Zealand National Rugby team, these are herbal tablets that you chew every 2 hours or so while in transit. I would not have been inclined to try these except for an elderly couple I was sitting beside on a long-haul flight. They were so enthusiastic about No Jet Lag and they made me promise to try them on my next trip. Now I share their same enthusiasm for this product.

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Arrival at Kotoka Airport in Accra

After your flight lands, you will queue at Immigration for inspection of your passport. Those who sit nearest the front and rear exit of the airplane get through this queue quickly, while the rest of the plane waits in a long queue.

Regardless of your position in the Immigration queue, everyone waits at the baggage claim area. There may be delay to retrieve your bags, but usually not any worse than your average airport. Get a pushcart for your bags - it is free.

For your convenience, there is a money change kiosk in the arrival hall, just before the baggage claim. The rates are decent, and it makes sense to change enough to get you through a couple days while waiting for your luggage.

After passing customs and exiting the arrival hall, there may be many people in a giant throng outside. Most are not meeting anyone in particular, but are just hoping to meetsomeone as they exit. Everywhere people will be offering to help you, hoping for something good to come their way.

It can be mayhem, but the Easy Track guides are easy to locate in our bright Kente shirts.

If you do take a taxi, do not get into the taxi until you have negotiated with the driver for the rate to your destination. Otherwise a ridiculous amount will be requested from you upon delivery to your destination.

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International Airlines Serving Ghana

Here is a listing of international airlines serving Ghana as of December 2016. The phone number of their Ghana offices is included along with the airline's web address. To reach their Ghana office from outside Ghana, add the country code (233) and drop the leading zero (0) from the phone number.

Air France
Via Paris daily. From global destinations via OneWorld Alliance with American Airlines, Air Canada, Quantas Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines. 
0302 214 996 or 0302 214 970

British Airways
Via London Heathrow five times per week. From global destinations via OneWorld Alliance with American Airlines, Air Canada, Quantas Airlines and Cathay Pacific Airlines. 
0302 214 996 or 0302 214 970

Brussels Airlines
Via Brussels.
0302 243 893

Delta Airlines (Avaition Alliance)
Direct flights from Atlanta and New York (JFK) six times per week.
0302 213 111

Egypt Air
From Asia, Europe and North America via Cairo four times per week.
0302 773 537  or  0302 773 538

Emirates Airlines
Via Dubai or Abidjan five times per week.
030 223 0319

Ethiopian Airlines
Via Addis Ababa, Abidjan or Lome.
0302 664 857  or  0302 664 856

Iberia Airlines
Via Madrid.
0302 214 996

Kenya Airways
Via Nairobi, possibly through Freetown or Monrovia.
030 221 4700 or 032 202 5489

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Via Amsterdam. Not available from US destinations.
0302 214 700  or  0302 214 747

Lufthansa German Airlines
Via Frankfort. From the Americas in partnership with United, US Air and Air Canada.
0302 243 893  or  0302 243 894

Middle East Airlines
Via Beirut.
030 224 3893 or 030 223 0867 or 030 222 8437 or 030 223 0866

Royal Air Maroc
Via Casablanca. 
0302 787 182  or  024 268 7669

South Africa Airways
Via Johannesburg.
030 278 3676 or 030 278 3677 or 030 278 3680

TAP Portugal
Via Lisbon.
030 276 8892 or 054 432 5100

Turkish Airlines
From Istanbul via Lagos.
0302 765 880 or 0302 734 561

United Airlines
Via Washington D.C.
0302 243 893  or  0302 243 894

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Domestic and Charter Airlines in Ghana

Make your request for Domestic or Charter Flight in Ghana.

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Regional Airlines Serving Ghana

Make your request for West Africa Regional Flights.

(Note: These are not paid recommendations. We recommend businesses on our site because of their unique offerings or location - not because they provide any incentives to Easy Track Ghana or our staff.)

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