Making payments

Credit or Debit Card

Use your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, or Diners Club from almost anywhere in the world.
      1. Must be processed online via this button.
           Your data is not stored on our server.
      2. Credit or debit cards accepted from most all countries.
      3. If you will be using your card while in Ghana, you must notify
          your issuing bank or the transaction may be declined.

Google Wallet or Gmail

Pay from the US in an email from your Gmail account. Google Wallet logo
Subject:   Payment for Tour
Click the $ icon next to the "Send" button, then follow instructions.
Gmail send money Because our Google Wallet is attached to a US bank, we can receive payments only in $ US.

You can link your Google Wallet to a bank account, debit card or credit card and make payments.

Charges are assesed by Google when making payments.

Google Pay

Google Pay via this button.Google Pay
Your data is not stored on our server.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay
Apple Pay via this button.
Your data is not stored on our server.

Wire Transfer to Ghana or Cash Deposit in Africa

Make a wire transfer from your foreign bank, or make a deposit in person at any Ecobank branch in Africa. You will directly pay the wire transfer fees for this transaction, as determined by your financial institution.
   Bank:Ecobank Ecobank logo
   Location:Accra, Ghana
   Branch:Westlands, Dome Road
   Account Name:   Easy Track Ghana, Ltd.

Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit to USA

Make a direct deposit from your US bank, or mail a deposit to any Redwood Federal Credit Union branch in California. You will directly pay the transfer fees (or a USPS postage stamp) for this transaction plus $12 per booking.
   Bank:Redwood Credit Union Redwood Credit Union logo
   Business Address:3033 Cleveland Avenue
Santa Rosa, California, USA 95403
   ABA/Routing Number:321177586
   Account Name:   Steven Wilson
   Mail Payments:PO Box 6104
Santa Rosa, California, USA 95406

Cash in Ghana

Pay with cash in Ghana cedis, US dollars, British pounds or Euros. This payment method avoids all money transfer fees, so you save.
1. We accept cash for: currencies
      a. day trips or overnight trips
      b. last-minute bookings (approximately 3 days or less before travel)
      c. any or all of the balance due after your booking deposit
2. If no deposit has been made, we will require confirmation by phone before pick-up.
3. You may pay at our office or pay our staff at your pick-up prior to the commencement of travel.
4. A receipt from Easy Track Ghana will be provided.
5. Larger denominations are preferred due to the better exchange rate that these obtain.

Mobile Money in Ghana

Pay with your local Ghana phone number. MTN Mobile Money, Vodafone Cash, Airtel Money or Tigo Cash. MTN
Pay to the phone number 027 665 7036.


Pay using any of 25 currencies via PayPal, or use an electronic check or credit card via PayPal. PayPal and money transfer fees of 3.10% will be added to the cost of your booking.

NOTE: You cannot make PayPal payments from within Ghana. PayPal fraud detection software will detect your Ghana IP address and freeze your account. Please be advised of this restriction.

1. Create a PayPal account if you do not have one. Official PayPal Seal
2. Sign in to PayPal and select the "Send Money" tab.
3. Enter the email address
4. Enter the amount you wish to send and select the currency to use.
5. Indicate this money is payment for a purchase. Click "Continue."
6. Indicate whether to send money from
      a. your existing PayPal account
      b. a credit card linked to your PayPal account
           - select the appropriate option under the PayPal "Profile" link to add a credit card
      c. an e-check from a bank account linked to your PayPal account
           - select the appropriate option under the PayPal "Profile" link to add a bank account
7. Click "Send money". PayPal displays a confirmation page, letting you know your payment was successfully sent.

Venmo app

Android or iOS Venmo logo
Pay to the email
For USA customers only
Limit of $299 per week until a verified user. Limit of $2999 per week for verified users.
Venmo fees of 3.00% are assessed by Venmo at the time of payment, plus $12 per booking fee added to the cost of your tour.

Square Cash app or website

Android or iOS, including Apple Watch Venmo logo
Use the cashtag $EasyTrackGhana or$EasyTrackGhana.
For USA customers only. For use with debit cards only.
Square Cash and money transfer fees of 2.10%, plus $12 per booking will be added to the cost of your tour.


来自中国的访客可能会使用支付宝 支付宝


Pay from any country except the USA. Charges are determined by the selected payment option.
Exchange4Free banner
This is by far the cheapest way to move money to Ghana and other countries. It also is the most time-consuming, confusing, and is slow to be paid into Ghana, so please pay well in advance when using this option.

1. Create an Exchange4Free account if you do not have one.
2. Sign in to Exchange4Free and select the 2nd "Send Money Online" tab, below the Login bar.
Step 1:
   Country Transferring from:-your country of payment-
   Payment Options:-details of costs and limits-
   County Transferring to:Ghana Exchange4Free logo
   Payout Options:Bank
   Reason for transfer:Holiday Payments
   Source of funds:-select as apropriate-
   Amount Options:Sending Amount
   Enter the Sending Amount:  -amount to pay-
   Click "Calculate"
   Confirmation:Click the confirmations
   Click "Fix Rate and Continue"

Step 2:  For the "Create a New Beneficiary" option
   Name of bank:Ecobank
   City of bank:Accra Pingit logo
   County of bankGHA
   Name of account holder:Easy Track Ghana, Ltd.
   Reference to Appear:Holiday payments
   Account Number:380134471662001
   Swift Code/BIC Code:ECOCGHAC
   Type of Account:Checking account
   Beneficiary Type:Entity
   Company Name:Easy Track Ghana, Ltd.
   Registration Number:CA-44,116
   Mobile number; Dialing Code:   Ghana (+233) Exchange4Free logo
   Mobile number:276657036
   Street Address:29 Ghana Airways Rd.
   Box AT-2309
   Post CodeAT-2309
   Review your entries and check the confirmation box.
   Click the "Next" button

Step 3:
   Review your entries and confirm that you are the Contracting Party.
   Click the "Next" button

Step 4:
   Select your desired payment option.
   Click the "Submit" button and check out as appropriate.


Skrill is a global solution making digital payments since 2001. Based in London, Skrill permits payments in over 40 currencies using credit or debit cards, or funds via a linked bank account. Skrill logo
Pay to the email
Available worldwide
Fees of 1.9% are assessed by Skrill at the time of payment for $US.
For non-$ payments, Skrill charges a high 5.98%.

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