Who Travels with Easy Track?

We provide custom tour experiences for any type of traveler - business travelers, long-term visitors, single travelers and groups as small as 2 or as large as 100 people.

Couples and Families

Our specialty is private tours for couples and families that provide an intimate access to Ghana life and culture not typically afforded the casual visitor. Travel in a comfortable 4X4 vehicle, or for parties of 3 or more, you can travel with plenty of room in a private minibus. Whether for a family holiday, honeymoon, anniversary celebration, or an adventure or relaxation holiday for you and your partner, we can provide the atmosphere and surroundings that you wish to experience.

Group Travel

For group tours, we can accommodate you in vehicles ranging from minivans to one or more full size jumbo buses. We ensure your group moves smoothly and with your specific goals in mind. When traveling in a large group, we will have multiple staff on your tour to ensure all travelers have easy access to a guide. See our scheduled group tours.


Students from many places have traveled with Easy Track.

The American University in CairoIowa State UniversityUnited Nations University
Baldwin-Wallace UniversityNorthern Arizona UniversityUniversity of Florida
Colorado State UniversityNova Southeastern UniversityUniversity of Minnesota
DePaul UniversityPortland State UniversityUniversity of South Florida
Fordham UniversityRutgers UniversityUniversity of West Indies
George Washington UniversitySemester at SeaWake Forest University
Grand Valley State UniversityStanford UniversityProject Wisdom

African Diaspora

The ancestors of our long-ago departed Brothers and Sister and Parents are most welcome to return to Ghana and re-trace the footsteps as they approached the Middle Passage. We know that you want to have an experience that will touch your spirit with the special memories of Africa. We can arrange a Door of Return ceremony at a former slave castle or a special Naming Ceremony to give your Ghanaian name. Ghana has a number of former slave forts, including the castle at Cape Coast which has a remarkable museum and was visited by President Obama and his wife Michelle in 2009. In the north are a number of sites the preserve the history of the slave trade, including former slave camps as well as defence walls and caves used to thwart the slave raiders of that time.


We are specialists in private tours and work well with individual travelers. While we cannot do much about private transit costs, we do give you the option of reducing some of the extra expense as a single traveler. You may elect to share your room with your same-gender guide. Don't feel awkward at all, as you and your belongings will be 100% safe. This is an excellent way to reduce costs, bond more closely with your guide, and to learn more about our culture.

A more significant reduction in tour costs can be achieved if you use public transit while in Ghana. Our guides are adept at getting around the country using our available public transit system. While not as comfortable or convenient as private transit, it is definitely a good way to literally rub elbows with the citizens of Ghana.

Special Needs


We know that women travelers may have some hesitation about traveling in Africa. Please put your worries to rest and let the Easy Track team ensure you enjoy Ghana fully. Read our web page with special information for female travelers in Ghana.


We have hosted tours for people well into their 70's and are especially in tune with your special needs for comfort, easily accessible destinations, and a less hectic pace than other travelers might prefer.


We have hosted guests with children as young as 2 years and have guides that are especially good with children. We know you want your child to have a learning experience while in Ghana. We also realize that you have gone to extra expense and difficulties to bring your children to Ghana. So rest assured that we will include activities that are particularly favored with children.


The legal status of LGBT persons in Ghana is not good. However we know that our LGBT visitors are able to enjoy Ghana fully when remaining discrete. Ghana is a very welcoming culture, so while there are legalistic issues similar to those which were enforced in the USA and Europe just a couple decades ago, you will not face overt discrimination unless you are openly declaring your orientation.


We enthusiastically welcome our visiting faith-based guests. Whether with a group organized by your church or other organization, a traveler wishing to explore and experience our places of worship and spirituality, or a generous spirit that wishes to participate in our "One Extra Bag" program, we can help you realize your wishes. Be you of any faith or not, we are here to help you explore the many religions of Ghana or enable you to give something to people in need.

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