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Easy Track Ghana cannot possibly have experts in every field, but our proximity to the University of Ghana at Legon gives us access to local experts in various fields should you require their specialized assistance. Here are some links to sites of specialized interest in Ghana for researchers and businesspersons:


Pineapple field in Ghana

Visit a local farm to examine the cultivation of familiar species such as cocoa, pineapple, yams and plantains or local species such as Moringa, cassava, or Shea. About one third of our GDP comes from this sector of the economy. We are the 2nd largest provider of cocoa to the world.

More info:
Ministry of Food & Agriculture
International Fund for Agricultureal Development: Ghana


School in Achimota

Colonial-era buildings are found throughout Ghana, but most are in poor condition. Traditional structures are also found throughout Ghana, with significant differences between north and south.

More info:
Ghana Museum and Monuments Board
Ghana Institute of Architects


Ghana flowers

The various climate regions within Ghana support many thousands of plant species, known and unknown, indigenous and introduced. Southern Ghana is covered by evergreen and semi deciduous forests, with tall silk cottons, kolas and hardwoods such as mahogany, odum, and ebony. Many flowers adorn the cool highland forests. The northern part of Ghana is savanna, with grasses and scattered trees that tolerate harsh conditions, such as Shea, acacia, and baobab.

More info:
Legon Botanical Gardens
Centre for Scientific Research into Plant Medicine

Epidemiology, Health Research & Medical Care

Medical research Ghana

In a region with many health related issues to be addressed, there is no shortage of research projects ongoing in Ghana at any given time. An institutional review board (IRB) within the Ghana Health Service is responsible for the review of research protocols and monitoring ongoing research within the Ministry of Health, while the Food and Drug Board of Ghana oversees research into drug compounds.

More info:
Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research
Kintampo Health Research Centre
Ghana Medical Association


Volta Dam

Until recent oil-and-gas fired power stations, the Volta River Authority was the sole provider of electrical power for industrial, commercial and domestic use. The Bui Power Authority will provide additional hydroelectric power when construction of the Bui Dam is completed by the Chinese.

More info:
Ministry of Energy
Ghana Atomic Energy Commission

Geology, Mining & Petroleum

Gold in Ghana

Minerals account for about one third of our total exports. We are the second largest producer of gold in the world. Petroleum was discovered in 2008, with an estimated 6.5 million barrels. Production started in 2010 at the Jubilee Field near Takoradi.

More info:
Ghana Chamber of Mines
National Petroleum Authority

Government Ministries

Supreme Court of Ghana

Supreme Court Government functions are organized by Ministries and are led by Ministers of State who are appointed by the President with the approval of the country's parliament. Our legal system is based on British common law, traditional law, and the 1992 constitution, with the Supreme Court of Ghana as our highest court.

More info:
Ghana Government Portal
Judicial Service of Ghana

Infrastructure, Engineering & Development

Mining operation in Ghana

Ghana spends about 7.5% of her GDP on infrastructure. Despite this significant outlay, there are still problems, most notably in regards to electric transmission, sanitation and water distribution. Compared to other sub-Saharan countries, Ghana has a very good road network. Currently, the Chinese are making the largest contributions to our infrastructure development.

More info:
Institute for Infrastructure Development
Building and Road Research Institute


School workbook with Kwame Nkrumah

English is our official language, but there are nearly 80 different native spoken languages in Ghana. In southern Ghana, Twi and Fante are the common languages, with Ewe being the language east of Volta Lake. Hausa and Dagbani are the main languages of the north. The 5 other government-sponsored languages are Ga in Greater Accra, Nzema in the southwest, Dangme in the southeast, and Gonja, Dagaare and Kasem in the north.

More info:
Ethnologue Languages of Ghana
Ghana Institute of Languages

Manufacturing & Industry

Port of Tema

Ghana has one of the fastest growing industrial production rates in the world. Most manufacturing began as state-owned enterprises, but most are privately run now. The opening to foreign markets has caused much disruption, with many long-established manufacturing firms closing and new ventures being opened. Chinese imports have decimated many industries, most notably textiles.

More info:
Ghana Chamber of Commerce
Ministry of Trade & Industry

Non-Governmental Organizations

Fish farm

There are many hundreds of registered Non-Governmental Organizations in Ghana, excluding United Nations organizations. Many of these have few or current projects. Always be certain you are dealing with a reputable organization. Our strongest recommendation for an indigenous NGO goes to the Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa.

More info:
NGO Directory in Ghana
CARE projects with NGO's

Radio, Television & Journalism

hosting a film crew in Ghana

The 2011 press freedom report by Freedom House ranks the media in Ghana as "free", a status accorded to only 4 other Sub-Saharan African nations in 2011. Reporters Without Borders classify the environment as being 41st out of 179, with 1st being most free. Radio remains Ghana's most popular medium.

More info:
National Communications Authority
Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association

Wildlife Management & Zoology

Ghana Wildlife Service rangers

Wildlife management is a difficult task, with the loss of habitat and poaching being the major concerns. Ghana has implemented a successful patrol campaign that has greatly reduced poaching in the savanna areas, but protecting forested areas is more difficult and constrained by budgets.

More info:
Ghana Wildlife Society
Ghana Wildlife Division

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