Overnight & Weekend Trips from Accra

Do you only have a couple of days free in Ghana? Need a weekend getaway? Take an overnight excursion from Accra.

Overnight to Elmina and Kakum National Park

Elmina Castle

The former slave castle at Elmina is a UNESCO World Heritage site commemorating a sad history inflicted on Africa, and Ghana in particular. This is a great overnight trip allowing you to stay ocean-front and visit Kakum National Park the following morning to enjoy West Africa's highest rain forest canopy walkway. The crocodile ponds at Hans Botel can be visited before returning to Accra. This is by far the most requested tour for a short visit.

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Akwasidae Festival


Held in Kumasi, Ghana's 2nd largest city and heart of the Ashanti Kingdom, this regularly occurring festival is quite a spectacle. Enjoy drumming, dancing and a Durbar of chiefs at this celebration for the Ashanti King. This overnight also includes a visit to a traditional Kente weaving village and can include a walk through a butterfly sanctuary in the Bobiri forest.

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Overnight on the Volta River

Adome Bridge

We know you will love staying overnight on the banks of the Volta River to fully enjoy this beautiful location. The river is safe for swimming here and you can canoe with a local fisherman or take a motorboat to the Akosombo Dam. This tour also visits a handmade bead workshop or monkey sanctuary before returning to Accra.

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Waterfalls Overnight

Ote Falls

An overnight waterfalls tour will visit Wli Falls, West Africa's tallest waterfalls, as well as other lush waterfalls in the Vota Region, including Tagbo Falls and Tsatsudo Falls. Depending on the time available, you may have the ability to also visit a monkey sanctuary or a Kente weaving village.

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Wildlife Overnight


Visit the Shai Hills Wildlife Preserve near Accra, a fenced reserve with baboons and antelope, as well as cultural remains. Then overnight on the banks of the beautiful Volta River before visiting a monkey sanctuary to frolic with habituated Mona monkeys on the following day.

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Birding Overnight

Weaver bird in Ghana

An overnight birding excursion ensures that you are at a site of importance at the optimal times for bird watching. We can visit any birding site, but these are marine birding sites with other fun activities, including marine turtle excursions.
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Enjoy an overnight excursion to Keta, one of Ghana's most significant sites for marine birds. Overnight on a sand bar with the ocean on one side and the lagoon on the other side.
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Also on the coast east of Accra, the fishing village of Ada offers a different experience for an overnight birding excursion. This experience at the Volta River estuary includes cultural as well as wildlife explorations.
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Overnight in the Highlands & Forests above Accra

Aburi gardens

Spend a night in the Akuapim Range and enjoy a spectacular evening view of the city lights of Accra below. While on this overnight trip, visit the Aburi Botanical Gardens, a cocoa farm and be hosted by village elders for a private Durbar of chiefs with plenty of drumming and dancing.

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Overnight Stay at a Home Compound

Family compound

An urban village is literally where Accra meets bush - a once village now surrounded by the ever growing metropolis of Accra. So while urban today, the area very much still has a village feel to it. Any guests of Easy Track Ghana that visit are treated to a very special reception. While this is not a tourist site, you would have interactions with people that would be more intimate than anywhere else. You would be welcomed into a family compound and enjoy a home cooked meal with the family.

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Extended Explorations in Accra

Nkrumah Monument

Spending a couple days exploring the many sites in Accra would be considered excessive to some, necessary to others. In addition to the "must-see" sites such as Independence Square, Kwame Nkrumah memorial, Makola Market and the National Museum, an extended tour of the city will let you explore further at an unhurried pace. The Ga community of Jamestown with narrow pathways, the lighthouse and the Brazil House. Visit the W.E.B. DuBois center, explore Oxford Street, La Beach and the forts of Accra.

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Beach Getaway

Ghana beach

Relaxing destinations can be found both east and west of Accra without a long drive. Going west we could visit Fete or Winneba, both with clean beaches. Traveling east to the confluence of the Volta River and the Gulf of Guinea is Ada, which gives you an ocean beach and a river beach. Birding and nocturnal turtle expeditions are available in either direction.

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Extended Shopping in Accra

Shop in Ghana

This overnight trip visits the expansive market in Koforidua, capital of the Eastern Region, or the amazing bead market of Agomanya. You will also see traditional craft markets, cloth and carvings at a number of boutiques and galleries. In Accra, Oxford Street in the Osu neighborhood is lined with vendors and the International Trade Fair at La is an exhibition area where vendors from across West Africa can be found.

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Exotic Coffin Makers in Teshie and Ada

Exotic coffin

In addition to the town of Teshie, a suburb of Accra, there are smaller exotic coffin workshops in Ga communities where you may see these unique coffins crafted to resemble an object of importance to the deceased. Visit one of the most well known workshops and then overnight at the beach in Ada, where you may visit a smaller workshop while enjoying the beach and birding.

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Sponsor a Student Excursion

An'Extra Bag'

Two days with our "One Extra Bag" program gives you an opportunity to spend some real time with young children and to sponsor them on an educational field trip to the planetarium, airport, museum or other destination of interest.

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We hope this gives you some idea of what you can do with a short time in Ghana. We can easily mix and match anything listed above to fill your time. Let us know how you would like to proceed. We are at your service in Ghana!

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