Volunteer Tour Plans in Ghana

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"Extra Bag" day

An'Extra Bag'

Our "One Extra Bag" program is a unique opportunity for you to make a contribution to a reputable school, orphanage, clinic or other organization. We can make arrangements for your meeting and special reception you will receive as a patron. We can even escort you to local markets to help shop for your donations locally, further injecting good into the economy.

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Sponsor a Student Excursion

An'Extra Bag'

Two days with our "One Extra Bag" program gives you an opportunity to spend some real time with young children and to sponsor them on an educational field trip to the planetarium, airport, museum or other destination of interest.

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Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa

Street library

The traveling Street Library is but one of many projects operated by the Volunteer Partnerships for West Africa. Recognized by the United Nations for two consecutive years as one of the world's best-run NGOs, this organization provides ......

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International Health Care Centre

IHCC clinic

The International Health Care Centre and the West Africa AIDS Foundation are partner organizations in running an outpatient clinic and various community outreach programs.

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Primary School and Kisseman Community Library

Kisseman library

Established with generous grants from the TransCAP Foundation of the USA and currently managed and operated by Ngorli Organization, the Kisseman Community Library is a small library offering free services to children in the community of Kisseman, near the University of Ghana at Legon.

In conjunction with your after-school volunteer time at the library, you will also be able to spend time at a 2-room bush school for impoverished children.

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