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Terese, North Carolina USA

What a great team. Easy Track operated smoothly and efficentantly. Chuku was excellent. Always felt safe and comfortable with him and he had great suggestions for us, from restaurants to accommodations. I would recommend Easy Track to anyone visiting Ghana.

David and Joyce, Indiana USA

Part of my duties is to interact with customers and you taught me a thing or two about quick response. Thanks very much for the care that you provided Joyce and I. It was a very lovely trip from eating the fou-fou, drinking the coconut water (the fruits were the sweetest I have ever tasted), being scared to death on the Kakum Forest Bridges (what is in the world was I thinking?), posing with the crocodile, visiting the dungeons, experiencing the dancers. Jessie was so patient and kind. All the staff is very courteous and professional. Very knowledgeable and helpful. The entire experience was unforgetable. It was made even more enjoyable because of our guide... little things such as stopping by the roadside to get roast corn...Very happy we came.

Andrew, USA

The web site is better than other travel services in Ghana. The purpose of our trip was visits to SOS Orphanage and the World Food Programme sites in Ejura. Chuku did an excellent job of getting us to these sites and was very helpful to work with our schedule. Really appreciate the work of Essel and Chuku. They did a very good job and were really helpful before the trip and during the trip.

Jason, Wisconsin USA

I have traveled extensively and taken many tours with numerous companies. But this one was quite unique in the way the guide Michael was provided. Most tours you tour, and at the end of the day you are on your own. Michael was with me for 24/7. I mean this in a good way it was different. I wasn't sure how this would work but it was a good experience for me. I normally travel alone so sharing a room with Michael was a good experience.

As for the tour everything that I had requested on the itinerary was delivered. The hotels where above my expectations. Michael did come through in everything we did. His concern for me and my safety was paramount. He told me that "I am responsible for you." Michael was always ready when I wanted to walk into town or go get some beer he was there day and night. I will also say that Michael was proud to work for Easy Track when we checked in at hotels he would always say "I'm with Easy Track", so it made me feel good to have someone that felt good about what they were doing. I have nothing but fond memories of my 1st trip to Africa and Easy Track. I do hope to return someday as I have a 5 yr visa. I would like to bring my wife next time for her to experience what I did.

Christie and Jeff, Ohio USA

Just thought I should email and give you an update on our time in Ghana! It was amazing--truly amazing! Jessie was an awesome guide!!! We certainly enjoyed our time with him. He was genuine and kind and we felt very comfortable spending a few days with him - I feel like he is family now.

Lucy, Christopher and Timothy from UK

Our visit went on from highlight to highlight: a canoe ride on the Volta River; Mr Cedi's demonstration of bead-making; the Tafi Atome monkeys jumping onto my arm; ......We feel that Joe was the reason our trip went so well. He was very friendly and engaging as well as knowledgeable, and we felt very at home with him. Joe is an excellent ambassador for Ghana and it is because of him that we have learned such a lot and done such a lot.

We were interested to meet Christy and Jeff from Ohio who were travelling with Jesse at the same time as we were with Joe - we met them at Hans Botel. Once again, thank you all so much. You did a wonderful job (especially Joe!)

Rhonda and David, Las Vegas, USA

Words simply cannot describe the gratitude that we have for all that Easy Track has given to us. The itinerary that you created for our trip created memories that will remain vivid for the rest of our lives. We are still in awe over the idea that WE WERE IN GHANA, land of our forefathers/mothers...Omg! You all made us feel so welcome. You made sure that we were safe and comfortable. You are definitely the company that goes the extra mile for the customer.

Rei from Japan

I had an extremely fascinating and rewarding tour. As you know, I had planned to go off the beaten path quite a bit, and I feel this was accomplished successfully. Every day was engrossing and satisfying, and the time rarely seemed to drag. One of the greatest pleasures of my tour was traveling with Chuku. He accommodated my requests in absolutely every way possible. I would have to say I think Chuku is one of Easy Track's greatest assets -- a true professional. I am VERY HAPPY to have traveled with Easy Track. I had a wonderful journey in excellent company, and made many fantastic memories. Rest assured I would recommend Easy Track to anyone I meet contemplating a tour to Ghana. Thanks for all your help in making my trip the success it surely was.

Jose and Family, UK

All of the staff were really nice to us, Jessie's mum Agnes showed us how Fufu is made and light soup which we really enjoyed. Joe's sister braided the girls' hair on that day and they had a great time. Joe was very kind towards my children and I would definately recommend him as a guide to any family. We are playing the cd he bought us with hiplife music daily. We felt very safe and comfortable throughout the tour. Joe is kept in high esteem with us, we recommend him, he has a sound head on his shoulders and I would take advice from him on any accomodation and places to visit and where to eat.

Jordan and Mary from Florida, USA

Just wanted you to know that our Ghana trip was quite wonderful and feel that it was great due to having Chuku as our guide. He really took fantastic care of us and showed us how lovely the Ghanaian people are. Chuku deserves many rewards for the job he did and I cannot say enough good things about him. He is a treasure and by far one of the best guides we have ever had.

Deb and Max, 10 and Eliana, 9 from Philadelphia

Chuku is a real treasure, after 2 weeks with him we came to regard him huge affection. Chuku was not only our guide, teacher, caregiver and advocate but our family and I can honestly say that we already miss him very much. Essel was also a pleasure to work with, his care for myself and the children was always apparent and appreciated. The commitment to our safety and comfort by Essel and Chuku was always evident, Thank you so much!

Pier and Giuly from Italy

We really had a great time with you and our Ghanaian experience was great too. Jessie and Charles were very friendly and they did everything possible to make the trip unforgettable. the home stay in Larabanga was one of my best experience ever!! During the trip we really felt the essence of Ghana and we love it! We hope to return to Ghana and for sure we'll suggest to our friends to visit Ghana. Obviously with Easy Track!! Thank you guys!

Chris from UK

I asked for a custom-made tour through the real Ghana and these guys delivered the lot: from schools to hospitals, national parks and beaches, bead factories, markets, villages and cities, tro-tro rides with locals & livestock, ferry rides across Lake Volta, canoeing through wetlands, sugar cane rum and fufu, local chop bars and beachside dinners with African dance, it was all there. It was a 16 day roller coaster ride through colours, landscapes and villages, sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes exhilarating, but always eye-poppingly different. Thanks to the team for a memorable journey.

Thierry from France

Absolutely perfect behaviour. Friendly and courteous. Always available and happy to help. Joe could not be more adapted for this job.

Don from Florida, USA

Easy Track Ghana lived up to its name. Your company made our trip to Ghana easy, exciting and deeply rewarding. We always felt safe throughout our trip. The strength of Easy Track Ghana appears to be your knowledge of the country and your ability to customize and personalize your services to meet the needs of your clients. This company is a small but powerful economic development engine that is providing a group of extremely hard working people in Ghana with an opportunity to improve their lives.

Rebecca from USA

Very helpful with answering all of my questions over email! Chuku and Stone were fantastic guides. They even came the day before to make sure to know where I was staying! Thanks so much, my trip really was great:) I would for sure recommend Easy Track to all of my friends!

Niall from Scotland

Ghana was wonderful. I have a stack of precious memories. You have a good business idea, some nice guys, the opportunity to do some best of luck in the future.

Iris from Chicago, USA

We had a GREAT time in Ghana. I've been telling everyone here how beautiful Ghana is. I don't think we could've seen/learnt about the country and its people that much in two weeks without you, Stone, and Joe. Thanks again!!!! :) I'd definitely recommend Easy Track to my friends and families.

Graeme from New Zealand

I had a wonderful time while on holiday. Had a great look around, loved the local food. You run a wonderful service and have excellent staff working for you.

Chris from Florida, USA

Easy Track made my first trip to Africa the best vacation of my life. The follow up to accommodate my last minute request was beyond superb and lightening fast! The flexibility of the staff was AWESOME. The knowledge of my guide Joseph was impressive, even for a native! I thought the fufu instruction was a special touch!

Gary from Perth, Australia

Fantastic holiday with wonderful guides. Jessie and Wisdom looked after me unbelievably. Meeting the locals who are so friendly wanting to talk and know about you. My favorite part of the tour was meeting the local people and seeing the village life. Also meeting the guides families and visiting their homes in the suburbs of Accra. Ghana is a great place and I felt safe while I was there. Thank you again. I hope to return soon.

Patrick from UK

Thanks for a wonderful experience which gave me a real flavour of Ghana. The staff were brilliant especially Stone and Jessie. I especially enjoyed Mole National Park and Cape Coast and the Monkey Sanctuary. Hope to return someday soon, but perhaps not try to do so much and spend more time in fewer places.

Leona from Canada

Your company is way ahead of a lot of the competition in terms of: 1) online presence 2) variety/flexibility of service 3) responsiveness / adaptability 4) process / methodology. I am really glad to see that you've built this company and are going places with it. ALL THE VERY BEST OF LUCK!

Peter from UK

My guides Stone and Wisdom were very friendly. My favorite part was visiting a school, a very worthwhile experience.

Henning, German living in Nigeria

The few days in Accra and Ada helped me a lot to relax and to generate fresh power. I really enjoyed your staff, the way they handled the tour, their friendliness and experience. With one word, it was GREAT.

Ron from Morocco

Steve, Thanks again for your note. I am just bowled over that you find the time to write such helpful, interesting letters. I read them over several times. I think you are the new Paul Theroux.

Ronald from UK

Jessie, I thank you for the nice trips we made...and you're nice and friendly company. I had a very nice holiday.

Dirk from Miami, USA

I thoroughly enjoyed the Ghana portion of my trip even if it was too short. What a friendly great country. Jesse was a great guide.

Scott and Karen, California, USA

Cape Coast Castle is absolutely gut wrenching. Everybody should see this.

Kevin and Marc from Los Angeles, USA

Our tour of the Volta Region was the highlight of our trip. Jesse and Charles were nothing if not gracious and a whole lotta fun.

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