Basic Statistics

Here are some basic facts about Ghana.

Ghana Population

  • Approximately 25 million people, with nearly 25% of the population estimated to be in the in the five largest urban areas.
  • Language: English is the official language. There are many different indigenous languages, Twi (pronounced Ch-wee) being the most common. See our language videos for more information.

Geography of Ghana

  • Size: 92,000 square miles. About the size of the United Kingdom, or the US state of Oregon.
  • Tropical rainforest covers the south west.
  • Forests and highlands in the east and mid-section.
  • Savannah and Sahelian conditions north of Volta Lake.
  • Ghana sits at 0 GMT. Prince's Town is the closest land on earth to 0 longitude and 0 latitude.
  • Created by the Akosombo Dam, Volta Lake is the largest man-made lake in the world by surface area, covering 8,600 square miles.
  • Lake Bosumtwi, near Kumasi, is the world's largest lake created by a meteorite impact.

Ghana Economy

  • Agriculture accounts for 50% of GDP
  • Ghana is the world's second largest producer of cocoa. The chocolate you love probably came from Ghana!
  • Mining is the largest earner of foreign capital.
  • Gold and bauxite
  • Oil in significant quantities has recently been discovered offshore.
  • Tourism is the third largest earner of foreign revenue.
  • Tourism revenue increased more than 1000% during the period 1985 - 1995

Ghana Politics

  • President: Nana Akufo-Addo
  • Executive President and 230 member unicameral legislature.
  • Elections every 4 years. Next in December 2020.
  • President may stand for a maximum of 2 terms.
  • There are 10 Administrative Regions.

Ghana Trivia

  • Ghana contributes the highest number of female peace keepers to the United Nations.
  • The oldest European structure in Africa is the Elmina castle, with original construction starting in 1482.

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