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This instruction is provided for those with an interest in learning some language prior to your visit. Ghana is an English-speaking country and all education from the 3rd grade onward is in English. However, tribal languages are usually used at home and amongst friends.

You can get along fine not knowing any native language. But if you are able to say a simple 'Thank you' in a native language, you will get a great reception.

  1. Twi language (Southern half of Ghana)
  2. Ewe language (Volta Region)


Twi is the language of the Akan people and one of the most widely spoken languages in Ghana. It is fairly easy to learn. The text appears below the video.

Phonetic spelling
How are you? E te sen?
My name is Sasto Ya fre me Sasto
My name is Wisdom Ya fre me Wisdom
My name is Steven
How are you? E te sen?
Please I am fine. And how are you? Me pow chow me ho ye. Nso ho ye?
I am fine Me ho ye
My name is Maker Stone Ya fre me Maker Stone
Stone, my name is Steven Stone, ya fre me Steven
We are here to speak some small Twi today.....
Thank you Me da se
Please Me pow chow
Excuse me Me pow chow
White person Obruni
Black person Obibini
How are you? E te sen?
I am fine Me ho ye
How are you? Wo ho te sen?
I am fine Me ho ye
Goodbye Bye bye
Water Esiu
Where is ...? ... wo ha?
Where is water? Esiu wo ha?
I want Ma me
I want water Ma me esiu
How much? Sen?
Excuse me, how much? Me pow chow sen?
(see Paying for Things) 500 = 50 pesewas
Money Sika
I do not have any money Sika e ni ho
Welcome Akwaaba
Thank you Me da se
Goodbye Bye Bye

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Ewe is the language of the Ewe people of the Volta region and southern Togo. It is the main language of south-eastern Ghana, but is also spoken widely in Greater Accra.

Phonetic spelling
Welcome Woezo (pronounced "Way-zo")
Woezo lo
Thank you Akpe
Please Medekuku
Excuse me Kafla
White person Yevo (or Yevu)
Black person Amebo
How are you? E foa?
I am fine Me fo
Yes, I am fine E me fo
And how are you? Wo ha efoa?
I am fine Me fo
How is your spouse Sra de?    (for male or female)
My spouse is fine Sra fo
How are the children? Deviwo de?
The children are fine Deviwo fo
How is the house? Afeame de?
The house is fine Afeame fo
OK, very good Yo, enyo nuto
Water Eshie
Where is ...? ... fica de?
Where is water? Fica eshie
Thank you Akpe
I want water Me legee eshie
How much Nini?
How much is water Eshie nini?
(see Paying for Things) 5 pesewas = 500
Goodbye Miadogo
You come! Ya va!

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