Ghana Beach Holidays

Ghana has some beautiful palm-lined tranquil beaches suitable for relaxing and enjoying an unhurried pace.

Beach Day

Ghana beach

Escape the city beaches and the tourist beach of Kokrobite beach for an excursion to the relaxing laid-back beach at Prampram, east of Accra. Beaches, village life and unhurried resorts are all to be found at this off-the-track destination.

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Beach Getaway

Ghana beach

Relaxing destinations can be found both east and west of Accra without a long drive. Going west we could visit Fete or Winneba, both with clean beaches. Traveling east to the confluence of the Volta River and the Gulf of Guinea is Ada, which gives you an ocean beach and a river beach. Birding and nocturnal turtle expeditions are available in either direction.

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Volta Region Beach Holidays

This region contains lesser visited beaches than elsewhere along the coast.


A relaxing holiday where the Volta River empties into the Gulf of Guinea also offers nearby birding, water recreation and interesting river villages.
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First travel inland to the Volta River and a monkey sanctuary before spending some days relaxing at a Volta Region beach.
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Central Region Beach Holidays

Between Accra and Cape Coast are some of Ghana's most visited beaches - as well as some that are remote and feel undiscovered.


There are a couple less visited beaches before Cape Coast that have a wonderfully relaxing and private atmosphere with comfortable lodgings.

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There are serene beaches in the area where you can also tour U.N. World Heritage Sites and visit West Africa's only rain forest canopy walkway.

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Western Region Beach Holidays

Driving between 5 and 8 hours west of Accra will transport you to some undisturbed plam-lined slices of heaven. Various attractions and activities abound.


Everything from 4-star accommodations to beachfront inns are available at this popular and beautiful wide beach with nearby Fort Metal Cross.

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The westernmost beaches in Ghana allow you to truly escape. The stilt village of Nzulezu and the Nini Suhein National Park are nearby.

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Ghana Triangle with a Beach Holiday

Traveling our classic Ghana Triangle route to see more of Ghana with an emphasis on beach relaxing.


Visit the markets, craft villages and cultural history of the Ashanti Kingdom around Kumasi before enjoying some days at a relaxing at an Elmina beach.
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Visit the Ashanti Kingdom before traveling to the Western Region beaches. Can include a visit to Ghana's only synagogue and the remote Bia National Park.

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