Poverty alleviation, skills development and cultural harmony through tourism.


Easy Track Ghana is a licensed community-based travel services business with a goal of helping the local community while providing memorable tours to visitors to Ghana. We practice responsible tourism and have a policy to "Keep It In Ghana", whereby we attempt to keep all earned revenue in Ghana, spreading it widely throughout the community.

About Us

Easy Track Ghana began as a poverty-alleviation project in Ghana between trusted partners. After meeting for the incredible total solar eclipse of 2006 and traveling together as guide and guest, Jessie and Steve arranged tours for a few adventurous travelers who contacted Steve via his blog from this amazing 2006 trip. It was immediately confirmed that Jessie had extraordinary skills as a guide and cultural liaison, and we established a small tour company.

Cape Coast From this initial partnership, Jessie and Steve have brought together an extraordinary team of guides and support staff that want to give you the best experience possible in Ghana. Our native Ghanaian staff has a combined experience of over 50 years of working with foreign guests in West Africa. The Easy Track team is certainly among the best available to show you life in Ghana.

Our co-founders, Jessie Aboagye and Steve Wilson, also take their commitment to assisting African families very seriously. Our community-based endeavour is helping many in our impoverished area, as well as allowing us to escort guests to remote schools and clinics throughout Ghana to make contributions both large and small.

Meet the Easy Track team

The Easy Track team 

Company Information

Easy Track Ghana, Ltd. is a jointly-owned LLC, registered in Ghana and
licensed by the Ghana Tourism Authority.
Contact details, location, licenses & registration can be found here.

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