Kisseman Community Library

Easy Track Ghana operates a free community library in the unplanned community of Kisseman. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities not readily available in the community.

Books are not readily available in Ghana, especially in very poor communities. We have books for all ages and a good selection of vocational, history, medical and business books for adults. But it is our children's collection that gets the most use.

Every day after school and all day on Saturday there is a steady stream of children visiting our library, giving us over 200 student visits per week. We also have various activities, including spelling and math lessons, creative arts, story time, a culture club, children's videos and ICT lessons on an old laptop decommissioned by Easy Track.

We also organize excursions for the children, visiting such places as the planetarium, historic monuments and museums, recycling centers and the international airport. This is a great experience for children who mostly have never seen the city in which they live.

Bring books to donate

libray childrenContact any organization of your choice, or if you need recommendations, our extensive network of contacts in Africa will be able arrange for an appropriate organization to accept your gift. Visiting the organization to present your gift and for a tour of their work is encouraged. For many people, this is the highlight of their trip.

For any full bag, we provide free airport pick-up and ensure your empty bag is safely stored until you want it. We don't want to cause you any hassle. This is also a good way to have lots of room for souvenirs to bring home!

Commonly donated items include such things as:

  • Books
    • A-B-C and 1-2-3 for beginning readers
    • Story books for young readers
    • Children's books
    • Picture books
    • How-to manuals
  • Supplies
    • Paper, pencils, crayons
    • Dry-erase markers, permanent markers
    • Art & Crafts
    • Games & flash cards
    • Maps, inflatable globes
    • Glue, tape
    • It is cheaper to purchase basic school supplies in Ghana, injecting money into the local economy. We can help you do this and arrange for you to distribute the supplies to a local school.
  • Electronics
    • Educational software
    • Flash drives & flash memory
    • Anything that gives light
    • USB hubs
    • Laptops or tablets

There are never any problems bringing supplies into Ghana. Customs officials are happy to welcome guests bringing supplies to schools.

Thank you for your participation in this unique program!

We can accept your contribution regardless of whether you are on tour with Easy Track Ghana.
Pack for a Purpose
Or contact Pack For A Purpose to look at other options.

We hope this gives you some idea of what we have been able to accomplish through the generosity of our guests. We are happy to assist you with helping others while you are visiting. Every little bit helps.

If you desire, you can donate directly.

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